FREZYDERM Age Repair Set – Retinol 25caps & Precious Elixir 15ml



Retinol Caps
-penetrates the outer layer of the epidermis
-stimulates the proliferation of cells of the basal layer
-regulates the differentiation of keratinocytes
-increases synthesis of collagen
-stimulates the growth of fibroblasts
The apparent effects of the use of Retinol are:
-the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
-the thickening of the epidermis


Precious ElixirElixir of Youth Oily.
Contains 20 active ingredients: Vitamins A, E & stable form of Vitamin C, Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, phospholipids, especially Extracts for the activation of gene expression in youth, Sterols, Fytosfingosines, anaplastic Active.
The Precious Elixir:
-increases synthesis of collagen
-prevents and corrects skin blemishes
-prostetefei stem cells
-restores hydrolipidic mantle, activates the synthesis tiles.
The wrinkles are smoothed, enhances firmness, regenerates the skin.

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Use: Apply the contents of one capsule in the face and neck, especially in the area of ​​wrinkles. Absorbs quickly. After 10-15 minutes, spread the Precious Elixir in person – neck and leave it overnight. Avoid use of Age Repair Set when there is strong light and sun.


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