Our experiences make you happy

Our experiences make you happy

Dermatology department

It is the best way to permanently reduce hair growth. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposure to pulses of special laser light. Laser hair removal has been used since 1997, and has been approved for “permanent hair reduction” in the United States by the FDA. According to the FDA’s definition, “permanent” means “long-term” hair growth reduction, ie reducing hair re-growth after treatment sessions in a balanced manner. In fact, many patients were found to experience complete hair regrowth in the treated areas in the years following treatment. This means that even though the treatment has been done with a laser, some devices do not permanently reduce the growth of body hair. This is where laser hair removal has become popular due to its speed and effectiveness, but some effectiveness depends on the skill and experience of the laser therapist, and the choice and availability of the different laser techniques used.

Laser hair removal treatment depends on

  • The area of ​​the body being treated.
  • The type and color of the skin.
  • Type of hair, its roughness and the cause of excessive hair growth.
  •  Gender, age and genetic characteristics.
  • Long-term laser hair reduction

According to all these factors, we can work to reduce hair growth with laser in the long term, and most patients need an average of six sessions of laser hair removal, and it is recommended that the time difference between treatment sessions be from three to eight weeks.

Are you looking for a more permanent and safer hair removal solution?

The laser hair removal process can be one of the best services to overcome the problems of unwanted hair, as it is characterized by a high degree of safety.

Should I remove hair with a blade before a laser hair removal session?

Hair should be removed with a blade when removing hair by laser, and we recommend that patients do this procedure either on the day of treatment or on the day before the day of the operation, even if the last procedure is better, as it is easier for the laser hair removal specialist to see all the areas where the hair is.

Can you pluck or remove excess hair during laser sessions?

If you plan to laser hair removal, you should reduce plucking and hair removal for six weeks before starting the laser sessions and after the laser treatment session. You cannot return to such methods again to avoid negative results, only you can remove unwanted hair before the session Laser hair removal for one day or the same day.

Laser hair removal facts

The laser designed for hair removal can be used on most parts of the body, and there are many lasers that effectively treat large areas in a short time. With our fast devices, we can remove full body hair in an hour.