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Skin Care Department

Good skin care is necessary for the freshness and preservation of the skin. Babies have soft skin, and the skin is smooth, moisturized and free of wrinkles. Over time, harsh elements from the environment accumulate on the skin, making the skin dry and unhealthy. With age, wrinkles increase and skin sagging increases. Good skin care can slow down the harmful effects of aging, harmful environmental factors and other factors that have negative effects on the skin.

Good skin care requires a special regimen for each skin of continuous cleansing and moisturizing. Cleansing the skin is very necessary to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. It helps prevent pimples or acne breakouts. However, cleaning the skin may cause the skin to dry out. As cleaning removes the oils secreted by the skin, which in turn helps to maintain its moisture. As a result, there is a need to use moisturizers to restore lost water from the skin and protect the skin from drying out. And choosing the right type of lotion depends on the type of skin for each case.

Good skin care also takes a lot of effort. A special regimen should be followed to clean and moisturize the skin in order for it to be effective and produce results. It should avoid exposure to the sun and it is necessary to put sunscreen creams to avoid its damage. Smoking should be avoided. A healthy diet is useful in improving the shape and elasticity of the skin. Drinking water is also essential for good skin care. Water helps the body function better. It also cleans the pores from the inside. It restores the freshness and healthy appearance of the skin, which helps keep the skin hydrated. Maintaining good health habits along with good skin care helps to maintain the life of the skin in a safe and beautiful way.

Skin Cleansing Sessions

We choose the appropriate type of cleaning according to the type of skin and the diagnosis of each case.

As it helps in removing dead skin cells, producing and stimulating cell renewal, it also removes excess fat from the skin and reduces the appearance of acne and helps treat it, and enhances the elasticity of the skin to give a look full of youth and vitality.

There are several types of skin cleansing, including:

Superficial medical cleaning of the face.

Medical deep cleaning of the face.

Crystal facial cleansing.

Diamond facial cleaning.

Technology (Dermal infusion)

This technology has amazing results in cleaning the skin to become nice and smooth after effective exfoliation of damaged skin cells and receiving specialized therapeutic substances to treat different groups of skin problems.

Technology (microdermabrasion)

It is simply the removal of the outer layer of dead skin cells, known as the dull skin layer. There is also a mixture between cleaning the skin and using different therapeutic materials.

Many types of therapy sessions

Freshness and cell renewal sessions:-

To stimulate cell renewal by purifying the removal of impurities from the epidermis

Gold Rejuvenation Sessions

The beauty secret for models and celebrities. 24K Pure Gold Treatment can be used as a one-time or as an ongoing treatment for promoting a healthy glow and radiant appearance. This Asia Limited Edition fits asian skin and face better, the skin with an immediate sense of wellbeing and promoting vibrant healthy glow. The unique combination of a corrective anti-wrinkle mask with a gold leaf leaving the skin feeling calm and reduce fine lines while evening the skin’s tone. Suitable for all skin types. Package contains 1 full treatments.

• Helps renew cells within the basal layer
• Improves skin elasticity
• Reduces dryness and wrinkles, giving skin a youthful appearance
• Slows the natural decline of collagen production and stimulates cell renewal
• Helps treat skin infections and acne

Collagen Facial Treatment

collagen into the dermis layer. Enhancement is seen within days with the disappearance of wrinkle lines, and the growth of a smoother skin and thicker lips.

The process is cheap, takes only about an hour or less, does not necessitate any hospital stay or long recovery, and is said to be quite risk-free. It is important, however, to discuss your desired look with the cosmetic surgeon before undergoing this procedure. Some people can have irritation to the collagen used, or may have certain health conditions, such as pregnancy or an autoimmune system disease, which may be adversely impacted by these injections.

Collagen is the most available group of proteins in the human body, making up the most of a person’s structure tissue. One of its work is to keep skin elastic, making it look tighter and fuller. As people grow older, the collagen naturally present in their skin starts to break down, forming fine lines and wrinkles. Although skin cells continue to make collagen even in a person’s later years, the rate of the rejuvenation process usually drops.

Peeling Treatment

Peeling skin treatment stimulates the skin to regenerate cells. It is considered an effective treatment for facial skin defects, wrinkles, and varying degrees of skin pigmentation. As it exfoliates the outer layers of dead skin, a new layer of skin appears with a noticeable improvement in the shape, texture, and color of the skin. In addition to rejuvenating the skin of the entire face, certain types of topical treatments can also be used to peel the skin and it is a way to remove stretch marks or rejuvenate the skin’s vitality in other parts of the body, and we can choose the appropriate type of peeling according to the condition and type of skin to be treated, and we also peel parts Different from the body according to the pathological condition, especially for the areas of the face, neck, rough areas, and internal areas. We choose the appropriate type of peeling according to the diagnosis of each case. For example, there are many types of peeling, such as: Crystal peeling, diamond peeling, microdermabrasion peeling, TCA peeling, and glycolic acid peeling.

Treating the area around the eye

Dark circles treatment sessions by using medical products and specialized devices to treat dark circles by following specific organized treatment steps for each case.

Wrinkle treatment for the area around the eye through selected specialized sessions to treat wrinkles and expression lines.

Treatment of puffiness around the eye – The effective treatment is by stimulating blood circulation and increasing the thickness of the skin layer also by stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of these bags under the eyes.

The best treatment for a healthy appearance around the eye area is to prevent the problem before it occurs, and for this we take into account the need for follow-up treatment

Hair Care

We also provide a treatment for hair loss after a specific diagnosis of the condition of the scalp by using the dermapen technique, and we choose the appropriate medical component according to the evaluation of the case.

We always work to communicate information in a clear and honest way with all of our patients to ensure that we meet patients’ expectations and that their choices become realistic, so we always maintain that we are on a level of responsibility and confidence. We always strive to ensure that the patient is fully aware of any risks or limitations before undergoing any surgery or receiving treatment.