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Since then it has established itself as one of leading distribution companies in Bangladesh, particularly in the food industry. World No1 edible oil brand Olitalia is present in over 120 countries around the world today. In Bangladesh, Fair Food & Life Style is the authorized distributor of Olitalia. Olitalia extra virgin olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Skin Care and Modena balsamic vinegar – iconic Italian products recognized around the world. Olitalia has built a reputation as an international ambassador for Italian taste. FFL directly imports all Olitalia products from Italy in Bangladesh and ensures the best product experience having high health benefit to Bangladeshi consumers.

  • This was unbelievable to most of the people in our community who knew him.
  • Professor James Fazio and Professor Jeremiah Mutie lectured in our beginning classes for five days.
  • Peterson has a great love for prayer and is a leader at one of the home fellowships that we recently established.
  • They have three children, two of whom are part of the Young Ambassador’s choir.
  • She no longer drinks alcohol and has released her hold on the men she had swayed from their families.

Give thanks for the testimony and witness of Lovious to the adults and children in the community. Praise the Lord for the ability to have a radio program to share the Word of God. Praise God for the transformation of the gospel in the lives of the new believers. Praise the Lord for the persistent efforts and courage of the elders who continue to serve God despite the hardships they encountered.

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Pray for Fabis to come to understand her need for a Saviorand to surrender her life to Christ. Pray for the ability to purchase land tobuild a church as we are currently renting. We thank God for White Fieldspartners that enable us to reach our people with the gospel, for constructionprojects, and for financial and prayer support. Gorette is fifty years old and part of the Catholic church. Since then, she has been attending regularly and loves listening to the Word of God glory casino.

Praise the Lord for the powerful witness of God’s love by the church to the community. We thank God for the support from White Fields that keeps us going and able to serve the community. We had teachingsthrough the book of First Corinthians, and the students asked many questionsduring the sessions. The main speakers were Pastor Steve, James, and Jeremiah. As a church, we thank God for making us a blessing to thecommunity of Katobo and its surround areas.

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Margret was once married, but through some misunderstandings, they separated, so she returned to her father’s house. Slowly Margret started drinking alcohol and then became a severe drunkard. Her brothers were upset and would not tolerate her addiction which caused friction in the family. Margret was quarrelsome and sometimes would spend the night in the bars.

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Her husband is not yet a born-again believer, but Kiconco prays and believes that one day God will save him. They have two children, a boy who is in kindergarten, and a girl. Kiconco practices small scale crop cultivation and sometimes sells her labor to earn an income. She is a skilled hairdresser, and her prayer is to save enough capital so she can open a hairdressing salon for ladies. She praises God for saving her and keeping her family safe.

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  • We visited ten homes beginning with those nearest to the Church.
  • Multiple churches contributed food, which lowered the feeding costs.
  • The service is mainly focused on young people and students.
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  • It was a graceful service and a humbling moment to see how Jesus builds His Church.

They were happy to receive us and listened to what we shared. They asked to hear more about the gospel and the Word of God. We believe the Lord is opening some of these families to listen to the truth. Judith had long desired to serve in the ministry but for a long time could not because her husband who is a Catholic, refused to allow her even to attend God’s Embassy.

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The college always stands first in Comilla Board on the basis of good result in HSC. Meritorious students try to get admission in this college because of its name and fame. Students of the Honors’ section also do very well in examinations. Most of the time students of this college get top positions in exams held under the national university. Comilla Victoria Government College (কুমিল্লা ভিক্টোরিয়া সরকারি কলেজ) is a college in Comilla, Bangladesh.

The month started with the final days of the visit of Pastor Steve and Professor Larry’s team from the USA. The acts of kindness the Vision 25 team did through their visits like giving food to the needy homes was well received. It is a testimony in our community of how the missionaries at God’s Embassy Church were kind and Christ like. We thank God for their visit, and we pray God blesses them.

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Roger’s prayer request is toearn enough money to keep his children in school and care for his family. Matabazi is married to Pamera, and they have five children. Matabazi comes from a family lineage of spiritworshipers. Before he became a born-again Christian, evil spirits would attackhim during the night and cause him to lose sleep.

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  • Once we can recognize God’s gifts, we can start developing the individuals.
  • She is forty-five years old, her oldest child is twenty-seven, and the youngest is twelve and in the 5th grade.
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As a church, we have been using her house for fellowship, but we are concerned for her life and the children’s safety. Please pray with us that we will be able to help her with this situation. Jennifer works any job she can find in the community, and her prayer request is that she may earn enough money to pay for her kids to return to school. She thanks the Lord for God’s Embassy church whose members became a family by showing love and care that she never expected to receive.

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This ministry is named “Find the Lost Sheep.” The desire is to draw back the members who have not attended service in a while. With the men’s encouragement, two members have returned, including Deus and Moses. When they meet, the men discuss the matters that affect their lives and discuss how to develop acceptable Christian home standards for their families. They also serve the Lord at church and evangelize to the lost. We were blessed to host a team from California, USA through the coordination of White Fields.

  • Kenneth is married to Doreen and they have three children, two girls in elementary and one boy who is a year old.
  • We first met her during evangelism in the Kasoraza trading center.
  • Their house had fallen due to the heavy rains and their children were suffering.
  • He asked us to start a home fellowship in his house so the Word of God can be preached and shared with his family members and neighbors who are unable to walk such a long distance.

Now, for the first time ever, Wandawega’s stranger-than-fiction story is being shared as a six part audio experience. Inspired by tall tales told around the campfire, American Getaway blends history, humor, mythology, and music to tell a uniquely American story. And yes, it’s also a story of hope, of nature’s power to inspire and change us. It is a story of generations of men and women, boys and girls who have come to the shores of Lake Wandawega – whether for virtue or vice – hoping to get away from it all. These people have come here to leave the workaday world behind and enter another, greener and wilder world.

Time for BCB to introduce gender-sensitivity training: Rights activists on Sakib controversy

The men took responsibilities as they passionately and actively got involved in activities like preaching, teaching, worshiping, sharing, and leading home fellowships. They were able to exercise their leadership skills, and through that, we realized the leadership potentials in them. The courage, vigor, boldness, and determination demonstrated was amazing and they appreciated the church for allowing them the opportunity to exercise their gifts and callings. After service, one man gave his life to the Lord, and three committed themselves to attend home fellowships and be actively involved in church activities. (5) Through the establishment of more home fellowships, we are sharing the word of God to more non-believers. Most of the community members are testifying of the impact the community fellowships.

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We are praying for him to give his life to the Lord and accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. We reached forty-five homes and shared the Word of God with seventy-five women and fifty males. Most of these families who we visited are from a Catholic or Anglican background.

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They were all gracious to welcome us into their homes, but none accepted Christ. Jenifer is married to Alex, and they have three children, Jenifer is a choir member at our church.

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Sixpeople gave their lives to Christ in Kyatoka, ten in Muramba, and eight inRushasha. We thank the Lord for saving people and growing the church. During the Sunday morning Bible study classes, the men have been studying manhood, and the women have been studying the book of Ruth. We challenge the women to live a life that shows Christ to others, just as Ruth saw God through Naomi’s life and chose to claim Naomi’s God as her own God.

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Gladese is one of the many single mothers with HIV/AIDS who have been deserted by their husbands. Worse off, she is a representative of many windows who are living with HIV/AIDS who must work hard labor to survive without land and a place to call home. As a church, we meet every week on Wednesday for home fellowship Bible study. On the last Wednesday of the month, we gather at the church for prayer, reading of the Word, and counseling.

  • When members are consistent in attending the Bible classes and desire to host a home fellowship, we grant their request with the guidance and leadership of the church.
  • Inspired by tall tales told around the campfire, American Getaway blends history, humor, mythology, and music to tell a uniquely American story.
  • The church did a community outreach to the children in Kikarara.
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Apofia has changed as well; she no longer goes to consult with witchdoctors. She is forty; her husband does not live at home but works in the Kiruhura district.

Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

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  • When we first planted a church in Katobo, it was a place with bars where people drank alcohol from morning until late.
  • Edson left home due to the overwhelming amount of debts he had accumulated from his alcoholism.
  • His prayer request is for the Lord to continue growing his faith and to protect his family.

Margret is forty years old and a single mom with one daughter, Evelyn, who is fourteen. She also cultivates rented pieces of land where she grows crops to feed herself and her daughter.

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We hosted a five-day leadership conference for the whole region, including Rukungiri District, Rukungiri Municipality, and Kanungu District pastors and their people. We had two-hundred and fifty pastors plus nine-hundred and twenty-seven laypeople. The pastors were taught how to handle leadership in their churches and how to handle challenges that come with being a pastor. We were able to introduce them to a sampling of the Bible college classes starting here in August.

The family lives in a semi-permanent house in Kyeizoba village. Jennifer is an usher in our church and attends the Kyeizoba fellowship.

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We met this family through home visits and shared the word of God. We encouraged them to attend the home fellowship in Rushasah so that Johannah could fellowship with us whenever she can.

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School Management System

He proclaims the goodness and mercy of God to all people. He wants to live for Christ and serve Him with all his heart. Nickodemus is young, early-twenties, leader of great potential.

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  • Both the United States and China have planned missions to the south pole.

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Today he is working with God’s Embassy in the construction department and his dream is to save enough money to continue his education. Kenneth is married to Doreen and they have three children, two girls in elementary and one boy who is a year old. Kenneth was saved during a crusade of God’s Embassy Katobo church to his village. He works with God’s Embassy in the construction department and is thankful to God for the ability to earn money to support his family and pay for his children’s education.

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He is serving in the young ambassadors dancing group for the children. The father explained to Silver that he did not have the money for shoes since he had spent it on school fees, so he could not buy him shoes. On Sunday, Silver approached the pastor and asked the pastor to pray for him for God’s provision of shoes. He explained how he shared with his Dad and what his Dad said to him. After hearing his testimony, the pastor prayed for Silver and later connected him to the Touch of Grace ministry (a ministry of the church to the poor). Fortunately, some clothes and shoes were found that fit him.