Zartaux Botex Cream 30Ml


How To Use:

Apply three times daily for the first month in upward and sideward motions on clean skin until the cream is absorbed. Continue using the product twice daily for the second month. Following apply every night to help the results remain. Use on sufficiently hydrated skin.

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Botex Cream Is An Innovative, Alternative (Without Injection) Of Botox And Collagen Injections Botex Cream Is A Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Product, Which Minimizes Expression Lines 52% In Only 28 Days, Due To The Powerful Active Ingredients It Contains Enriched With A Synthetic Peptide (Syn®-Ake) Which Quickly Paralyses The Muscles That Cause Wrinkles (Works Post-Synaptic), In Combination With The Peptide (Syn®-Coll), Which Triggers Collagen Production In Epidermis Cell Regular Application On The Expression Lines Of The Forehead, Around The Eyes And Mouth, Significantly Reduce Wrinkles, Leaving The Skin Fresh, Radiant And Young Looking


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